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At Advanced Dental Care, you can have complete confidence in the quality service of our teams. State-of-the-art modern and latest technology equipments and materials are being used to provide world class dentistry at an affordable price. Whats more, our Clinic gives utmost importance in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and infection control as per the guidelines of Royal College of Surgeons, England.

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Client's Testimonial

Kim StephenI had some very sorry teeth, and missing ones too. They were terribly discoloured, with old crowns sticking out from the crowd. I had gaps that should have been bridged in and a lot of old fillings desperately needing replacing. I didn't hold out much hope! Then I visited Advanced Dental Care, an experience which transformed my teeth and gave me the beautiful smile I have today along with my confidence. Their professionalism and eye for fine detail was outstanding. The gentleness and care with which they treat me is irreplaceable.

Thank you Advanced Dental Care, you worked wonders!

- Kim Stephen